Tom Neeson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Neeson CV

Rachel Fovargue, Ph.D.
Rachel is a postdoctoral researcher working on conservation strategies for navigating trade-offs between societal water usage and ecosystem outcomes in the Red River. She earned her PhD in 2017 from the University of Tennessee, where she worked on marine protected area design and the landscape of conservation fund-raising.

Hamed Zamani Sabzi, Ph.D.
Hamed is a postdoctoral researcher working on decision tools for allocating water conservation incentives in drought-prone river basins. He earned his PhD in Civil Engineering in 2016 from New Mexico State University, where he worked on decision-making techniques for water resources. 

Sean Wineland
Sean is a PhD student working on stream fish conservation under climate change and declining water availability in Oklahoma. He joined our lab in Fall 2018 after earning his MS at Marshall University in 2018, where he worked on eDNA and habitat modeling for eastern hellbenders.

Anna Thomas
Anna is a MS student working on water use conflicts and management in the Red River. She’s also working towards a graduate certificate in geospatial technologies. She earned her BS in Geography from the University of South Alabama in 2008.

Ken Gill
Ken is a MS student working on species distribution modeling for stream fishes under climate change. He earned his BS in Environmental Sustainability from OU in 2017.

Parker Fleming
Parker is a MS student working on the effects of dams and road culverts on stream fishes in eastern Oklahoma. He earned his BS in Biology 2017 from OU, where he worked on fish behavior and in the ODWC fisheries research lab.

Braden Owsley
Braden is a MS student working on remote sensing approaches to mapping surface water in Oklahoma, with a focus on detecting farm pond locations and storage volumes for water resources planning. He earned his BA in Geographic Information Systems from OU in 2014.



Kimberly Fitzpatrick
M.S., 2017
Now: Ph.D. student, Cornell University

Kirby Mills
Undergraduate Researcher, 2016-2017
Now: MS student, University of Michigan

Brandon Day
Undergraduate researcher, summer 2018
Now: B.S. student, University of Oklahoma

Kevin Neal
Undergraduate researcher, summer 2018
Now: MS student, University of Oklahoma

Fatima Khan
Undergraduate researcher, 2016-2017
Now: MA student, University of Oklahoma

Nate Sleight
M.S., 2017
Now: Instructor of Biology, Delta College, MI